ICRT~W4 3-20世界快樂天

星期一, 6th 四月 2020


World Happiness Day


You guys know that song, right?

It's a song about happiness.

Happiness is important.

It's so important that there is even a World Happiness Day.

World Happiness Day happens on March 20th every year.

Why is there a World Happiness Day?

Well, it's to show people that happiness is important.


Life can be hard.

There are lots of problems in the world and in our lives.

It's easy to become sad. But being happy is good for us.

Here are some good reasons to try to be happy:


1. happy people

get sick l

ess often than sad people.

And if you do get sick,

happiness can help you feel better faster.


That's a good reason to be happy.


happy people are usually more successful than people

who are not happy.


They often have better jobs and make more money.

Third, happy people have more friends.


That makes sense.
Who would you rather be with? A happy person or a sad person?

So, how can you be happier?

2. Happy people try to

look at the good things

in their lives,

not the bad things.

For example,

they think,

"I have a nice bicycle and some good friends.

" An unhappy person might say,

"My bike is not as good as my neighbor's,

and I don't have many friends."

See the difference? 

3.If you see the good things,

you are called an "optimist."

If you always see the bad things,

you are a "pessimist."

What do you think, are you an optimist or pessimist?


No matter which one you are,

we can all always try to be just a little bit




Um….happy people are not likely to get sick. Isn't that nice?

1. Sick生病的。 Students should stay home when they are

How long was she sick? 她病了多久? A week, I

2. Successful成功的。 His dream is to be a successful singer.
他的夢想是當個成功的歌手。"The Avengers" are the most successful movie series
in history.[復仇者聯盟]是歷史上最成功的系列電影。

3. Make money賺錢。The movie has made a lot of money.


Howare you going to make money?你要怎麼賺錢?

I can teach  chess.我可以教人下西洋棋。

4. Often經常。

We often get rain in Taipei.台北經常下雨。

Does Kevin often come
here? 凱文常常來這裡嗎? Yes, he does.



Sick生病的 successful成功的 make money賺錢 often經常



1) What is the purpose of World Happiness Day?
A: To get rid of sadness
B: To show the importance of happiness
C: To be healthier

2) What good thing often happens when people are happy?
A: They have no problems
B: They are better looking
C: They are more successful

3) What is an optimist?
A: A person who is sad
B: A person who doesn't get sick
C: A person who sees the good things


1.B 2.C 3.C