ICRT~W8 11-11 每天都要睡飽飽喔!!!

星期五, 15th 十一月 2019

按我 睡飽飽

10 hours of sleep for students

(Yawns, and stretching sounds -- as if the person just woke up)
Narrator: 太棒了!

I got ten hours of sleep

睡了十個小時 好舒服 ...

I'm going to get a really high score on my test!

1.Trust me, it's true!

Sleeping more helps you in school.

Scientists say elementary school

kids need 10 hours of sleep every



Adults only need 7 or 8 hours of sleep …

but kids need to sleep more to learn and remember new things at school.

2.If you learned something,

and you just can't remember it …

maybe you need more sleep!

If you want to get a high score on your tests,

you need to do three things:

Number one:

Go to bed at the same time

每天晚上同一個時間要睡覺 …

If you go to sleep at 8 o'clock one night and 10 o'clock the next night … your body gets confused …

Your brain says, "Hey! Should I feel tired now?"

Or maybe

it's saying, "Ahhhh! I'm tired, help!"

Number two:

Don't play with your cell phone or watch TV at night!


The bright light of the TV or your phone tells your body to wake up.

And that's not good before bedtime.

Number three:

3.Exercise! Did you know sitting all day is bad for

your brain,bad for your heart, bad for your … well

… it's bad for your whole body!


Also, exercising every day helps you sleep!

And not just on days before a test.

If you want high scores,

you need to have good sleep habits every day!

So remember the magic number: 10! You need ten hours of sleep!
Yes, getting enough sleep is important!
1) sleep睡眠。

I only slept 3 hours last night.


What happened?


I was worried about the test, and I couldn't sleep.


2) Test考試。

The big test is coming up.


Did you pass the test?


Yes, I did.


3) Learn學習。

Live and learn.


I've learned so much today!我今天學到好多!

4) Remember記得。

I can't remember her name.


Please remember to call me tonight.


5) Wake up醒來。

Hey, we're late. Wake up!


So remember to get more sleep.

Let's read the words.

Sleep睡眠  test考試  learn學習  remember記得  wake up醒來



1. How many hours of sleep should school kids get every night?
A: 200
B: 3
C: 10

2. How does sleep help you get high scores on tests?
A: Sleep helps you remember what you learned in school
B: Sleep helps you exercise
C: Sleep helps you cheat

3. What shouldn't students do before bed?
A: Watch TV or play with a phone
B: Read a book
C: Eat something healthy