ICRT~W7 11-04 請好好保護環境!!!

星期五, 8th 十一月 2019

按我 請好好保護環境ㄚ 

節錄FROM ICRT 11-04-2019

Cow Burps and Pink Seaweed

Okay, I have some serious news for you today, everyone.

1.There's a type of a gas

that's being let out into  the air.

A gas that's so dangerous

it's hurting the whole world!

這種氣體會傷害環境! 這是怎麼回事?

Well, the dangerous gas is being let out by something ... (confused)

Farm animals? (SFX: cow / sheep sounds)

2.Well, t

hey are letting out this awful,

dangerous gas with their ...

(confused) Farts and burps?


Oh! Come on! Ewww!

(Sigh) But hey, it's not their fault, right?


I mean, we all do it ... right?

Exactly… The problem is,

there are just so many farm animals, and every time

they fart or burp,

a tiny bit of this gas comes out into the air.

All of these farts and burps add up!


That's enough! We all get it!

3.But who's going to

save us from this dangerous gas?


(Heroic music)

We need a hero!

Move over Spider-man!

Outta the way Wonder Woman!

There's a new hero in town!

A hero to save the world!

Person A: It's a bird!
Person B: It's a plane!

3.It's… Pink seaweed?



it's a plant that grows in the ocean.

Usually it's green, but have you ever seen pink seaweed

海帶不是綠色嗎? 則麼會有粉紅色呢?

Some farmers in Australia

feed their cows this special pink seaweed.

They found out that when animals eat this,

their farts and burps

have much less of the dangerous gas … 99% less!

粉紅色海帶好有用! 危險的氣體都沒了!

The farmers hope that one day,

there'll be enough pink seaweed to feed all

the cows, sheep, and goats in the whole world!

(SFX: cow / sheep)

That would make a huge difference to our planet!


Do you feed your pets every day?
1. Feed餵食

What should I feed my cat?


You can feed her cooked fish.


2. Farm農場。

They fed their cows seaweed at the farm.


We visited a farm in Taoyuan.


3. Save拯救。

You saved my life!


Cutting air pollution can save the planet.


4. Fault錯誤。

It's not my fault that you're late.


5. Enough足夠。

That's enough.

I don't want to hear it any more.

We don't have enough seats for five.


Okay, I hope we have enough time to read the words.

Feed餵食   farm農場  save拯救   fault錯誤   enough足夠.


1. What is hurting the world?
    a. Candy
   b. A type of tree
   c. A type of gas

2. What are farm animals doing to hurt the world?
   a. Yawning
   b. Eating too much
   c. Burping and farting

3. What might be able to help the world?
    a. Pink seaweed
    b. Purple bananas
    c. Blue cheese


1: C 2: C 3: A